Why is there so much negative news about Tesla?

Tesla, the electric car maker making waves in the auto industry, seems to constantly be under the spot light. When you’re the new on the block and you starting knocking out the competition that’s when they start screaming foul and running for help.

Short sellers like Citron and “Pedi-Guy” are trying to get as much negative news on Tesla as they can. Right now, short sellers have a lot to lose if Tesla wins, billions in fact. Tesla has become one of the most shorted stocks. With so much at stake, morality and ethics are non-existent for these short sellers, it’s all about king cash. If Tesla wins, short sellers will have their own Black Friday looming ahead of them.

The biggest threat around

Tesla presents a huge problem for the oil and gas industry too because Tesla’s don’t need oil or gas. Thankfully Tesla has been so adamant about using solar and renewable sources but that is dampening the prospects of oil producers. Tesla is actually trying to be a responsible manufacturer, expect attacks from jerks that aren’t. Specifically, counties like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia, even here at home from oil drillers and refiners. It’s the foreign influences though that are likely bank rolling many of these negative articles and since these OPEC counties have so much to lose if companies like Tesla win. Tesla is American ingenuity at it’s finest. In fact, Tesla is America’s only actual auto manufacturer, owned and operated right here in the States.

The enemy of innovation, the environment and change is organizations like OPEC. Counties in OPEC like SA have such deep pockets, the articles, the coverage likely will never stop. Countries like Russia are already known for running fake news. They have been caught on Facebook, they’ve been caught on Reddit, so I’d take any news with a bit of skepticism.

The threats are real and every where though

As of 2016 there were over 228,400 such establishments in America.  Tesla is also a threat to all of these mechanic shops. Chains like Firestone and Pep Boys who offer engine overhauls, oil and fluid changes that Tesla’s just don’t have. All of these service shops are going to need to adapt their business models to fit the new electric vehicle changes. It should be no surprise that they are fighting it along the way. People don’t like change and there will be a lot of it if Tesla wins. Countless fewer oil changes, and big money items like tune ups or transmission rebuilds for them to get rich on. These shops will have to shift to fixing EV parts, which are fewer and typically just get replaced for less service fees. Auto repairers will have to rely more on tire changes which puts them in competition with smaller shops who often offer cheaper tire service.

Tesla is killing the luxury market

The luxury market, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar is all becoming a victim to Tesla too. Why? Tesla is offering a luxury car, with a competitive price tag and features they just don’t have. Features like an amazing charging network, battle tested battery packs, on-board systems, auto-pilot and the cleanest interior of them all. You would have to be a fool to put your money into a German auto over a Tesla. Even the expensive and luxurious Maserati looks like a clunky dinosaur compared to Tesla.

I’ve said enough, the proof is in the numbers, Tesla is killing the competition, even the loved Prius is getting crushed.

Best Selling Models

Model July Sales Year-To-Date
Tesla Model 3 14,250 38,082
Toyota Prius Prime* 1,984 16,239
Tesla Model S 1,200 12,020
Tesla Model X 1,325 10,850
Chevrolet Volt* 1,475 9,289
Chevrolet Bolt 1,175 9,033
Honda Clarity PHEV* 1,440 8,109
Nissan Leaf 1,149 7,808
Ford Fusion Energi* 522 4,824
BMW 530e* 536 4,051



Source For Total Vehicles SalesUS Bureau of Economic Analysis (PDF) – Table 6, Light Vehicles, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Source For EV Sales EstimatesInside EV Scorecard

Source for Auto Mechanic Establishments 

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