It’s cold today, I could have taken the truck but the numbers don’t add up.

About my commute

I drive around 30 miles to and from work. I have to take routes along one or two separate tollways, depending on if there are accidents making the first impassable. The first noticeable benefit to commute by motorcycle is the time difference. Riding can drop your commute time by 20% or 30%. It’s magic.

How the numbers encourage me to ride to work

Things to consider in factoring the savings are depreciation, fuel costs, and toll costs.

I have found an average rate of around 0.08 per mile in depreciation on passenger vehicles, whereas my late model crotch rocket will experience none practically at this point, there is a baseline value for running bikes. I also get around double the mpg, 35 mpg compared to 15 mpg in my truck. Although, I should experience the same toll expenses on a motorcycle and truck, I do not. I have never been assessed a single toll charge on my motorcycle. I live in North Dallas and tolls are an unavoidable part of life.

Adding it up

If I drive my truck for my 30 miles commute I will lose 

$2.40 in value to depreciation (without any errands)

$2.00 in additional fuel costs ( 15 mpg @ $2/gal – 35 mpg @ $2/gal 

$3.00 tolls

That’s $7.40 a day just to drive instead of riding a motorcycle to work. 

Without getting further into the intricacies of vehicle ownership costs, which favor the motorcycle in every way conceivable, I am saving about $7.40 everyday, or $1,900 a year. 

Why do I brave the cold on a motorcycle everyday? Because I get more of my life back everyday and a sweet $2000 bonus for enjoying my commute.

What are you getting?