What Testosterone Will and Won’t Do

Sorry to pop your dream but you won’t become superman.

A year ago, I started on testosterone replacement therapy. Surprisingly, I had discovered that I had low-t through routine health screenings. I had been seeking to head off any diseases through early detection. I was elated to discover I didn’t need a prostate exam due to otherwise perfect lab results, aside from the low testosterone of course.

Even though I did in fact have low testosterone, I thought I had functioned fine for the last few years. In my case, as in all cases, low testosterone is not an overnight event, it happens gradually over time and you generally don’t even realize it has happened. Low T does change you, slowly impacting your mood, your sex drive, your energy, and sleep. You gradually adjust as it occurs by doing things like sleeping extra, putting off projects, chalking up bad moods to stress from work, etc.

A Decrease in Testosterone is Natural

To a degree a decrease in testosterone levels is natural with age. However, when it drops too much then it can severely impact our lives. This is why insurance covers low testosterone treatments, at least in men. Insurance companies are ignorant when it comes to women, believing that women do not need testosterone when in fact they do, but that is another discussion.

Usually, following two separate tests verifying the occurrence of low T, a treatment is approved. In my case, which I believe was typical, insurance initially denied the first request and requested a second test. Don’t become discourage if this happens to you also. The second will come back with the same results most likely, if it doesn’t then be happy that your body is functioning as it should.

Once you have your test results confirmed then you are a candidate for testosterone shots for men. Once on testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, you might have wild expectations. Here is what I learned from experience over a year:

Muscle Tone and Strength

You will gain nothing if you don’t work for it. Testosterone isn’t a magic pill to build muscle, it is simply making your body respond to muscular tearing the way it should have in the first place. This means that if you get on
Testosterone and proceed to sit on the couch, watch Netflix and be lazy then you won’t become any leaner or more muscular than you are now. If however you decide to workout like a semi-pro athlete, then you can eventually look like they do. Without testosterone you might never shed unwanted body fat which was my problem.

Sex Life and Marriage

Testosterone probably will make you want sex more and might improve your sex life. If your sex life sucks for other reasons, like work stress, a bad marriage, or other mental issues then it might not. Those issues are not going to magically disappear because you got on Testosterone. If other issues that are the cause for a deficiency in this department then you are still going to need to resolve those. Wanting sex more isn’t going to make you marriage better and isn’t going to necessarily get you sex more. Be a more loving and considerate partner to make things better. Even without
testosterone being more considerate will improve your sex life. Testosterone is no match for the admiration and appreciation achieved from being a thoughtful life partner.

Mood and Energy

Low T will definitely make you more lethargic and yes, testosterone may make you angry. This is why I advocate trying to achieve only the bottom range of normal in getting testosterone shots. Talk to you doctor about your own personal goals.

In a few weeks to a month on Testosterone energy levels do increase. With the increase in energy comes difficulty sleeping, so prepare for it and get to bed a little earlier to wind down. This also makes an opening for the best time to have one on one time with your partner. When you can’t sleep anyway, turn the TV off, bathe each other, talk, and reconnect. During the day take advantage of the extra energy, hit the gym, work on those projects you put off. This is how you get back to being the best you.

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