Best Motorcycle Roads Texas – FM 455

Just outside the urban sprawl, is one on our list of Twistys FM 455

Nestled between Anna and Celina is one of the best motorcycle roads Texas, FM-455.  A quiet stretch of country road, curves rated from 10 to 50 and straights from 30 to 55, FM 455 provides a nice scenic ride just out of town. While offering practically every convenience, DFW doesn’t have huge stretches of nice twisty roads, but this stretch, for it’s size does offer a nice place to let loose.

FM 455 between Anna, TX and Celina, TX

Big Slicks bar and grill - Westminster, TX
Big Slicks bar and grill – Westminster, TX

Last night, I decided to take my VFR800 on a sunset ride along Farm to Market (FM) 455. Another nice feature of this biker destination is that you’ll probably encounter as many motorcycles as cars on the road. And when you’re done running this road, tucked away on the east end is a biker shop and bar to grab a drink.

FM 455 isn’t the Twisted Sisters, but is an excellent mid week destination for motorcycles or a fun Sunday ride.  One of the best scenic, and twisty roads in Texas.  If you live around or pass through DFW try to hit this stretch.  If you are coming in from Anna, pay attention! Construction has some loose gravel and oil down for new black top, you have to get through a mile of this before the good stuff.

– Close enough for mid-week, far enough to enjoy engine purr and fresh country air.

If you’ve got time for a trip to Big Bend or Hill Country, this stretch of twistys FM 455 shouldn’t be your first choice, but with just an evening, then go for it. This stretch doesn’t require to much preparation, with fuel stations and restaurants on each end you have ample places to fill up.

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