The 300, a new milestone.

This marks the 300th article we’ve posted to our site in two years. Our site, began two years ago as a way for us to share our passion for the outdoors. Since then, it has grown into a place for us to share all of our interest. From camping and hiking, to recipes, emerging technology, hormone therapy and raising kids in a blended family, we have enjoyed sharing everything.

When we first started, I read many SEO focused articles selling the potential income from a blog. The ideas they push are exciting, but not realistic and most of them of course want to sell you their services. Did you know that more than 90% of personal sites shut down in less than 1 year. This is because people get frustrated with lackluster results, lack content or interest and are impatient. Still, SEO companies want you to believe they can deliver the moon and make you a millionaire in a month.

Having worked in web technologies for 6 years now, I knew this wasn’t true but when you’re new into writing content for your personal site its hard to know what to believe. So, what has 300 articles been worth for us?

About $.06 an article per month, or $19 a month, or 228 a year. Which for us is about the same as last year. When you consider the cost of hosting our net income from the site is about $175. When we used YouTube it was about double but thanks to their new rules and the competition we have elected to avoid YouTube. The last item we shared on YouTube was highly viewed, and we received many violation reports for it, followed by news agencies then posting their own copies of it from the original I shared. I can’t fight big organizations for content in a system that allow big competitors to mute smaller entities. What ever though.

So why continue to post if we aren’t making much on this? The short answer is that posting content isn’t about making so much money as it is sharing ideas, news and tips we find interesting. Maybe we’ll get luck with tat grand slam article and make a few hundred on it, that does happen. I think the most we made on a single article in a month was about $10. A heavy hitting article does happen, you need to be active in social media and sharing to get people to notice though.

Yeah. 300 articles written. Moving on….