Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Week 6, This is where adjustments are made

In case this is your first visit to our site, here are my initial lab:

  • Test 1: Testosterone 349 NG/DL
  • Test 2: Testosterone 372 NG/DL
  • Test 3: Testosterone 390 NG/DL, Free Testosterone 5.9 PG/ML

Normal Testosterone range for a man is 350 to around 1100. A man’s free Testosterone should be at least 6. My results were right on the border of acceptable for a man, but then you factor my age, and they’re not unless I was closer to 65.

If you are wondering what Cypionate and HCG are, you can read my 3-week post here.

Week 6, Adjustment Check

I haven’t written a post about my TRT from week 3 to week 5. I didn’t find enough changes to justify a unique post. Going forward post updates are going to coincide with significant appointments or changes in the TRT levels. That doesn’t mean nothing changed. The 6-week mark is important because it’s that time where we look at the first adjustments to my TRT levels.

Starting in week 3, Jen pointed out that I was actually getting a butt. I’ve gained around 10 pounds since I started TRT and I think about 80% went to my butt. Why is this significant? I have never had a butt. Bad butt genes and leg muscles that overcompensated, kept my butt underdeveloped my entire life until now. Now,  I actually have a butt, it’s round and muscular, in the words of Jen it’s “a nice man butt instead of two deflated bags”. TRT and Jiu-Jitsu will give you a butt in as little as a month!

Gaining 10 pounds might sound alarming. Most people don’t want to gain 10 pounds. If you told me I was going to gain that much going on TRT I may have thought twice. However, it is much better than it sounds. That 10 pounds I put on came in the form of muscle. Based on the fact that my love handles are pretty much gone, I know that my body fat levels have gone down. So yes you may gain weight on TRT but unless you bump your calorie intake, that weight is going to be in the form of muscle.

Changes In Libido And Energy Levels

Over the last 3 weeks, my libido and energy levels have continued to stay high. Some days they go higher than others, of course, peaking out like I was 18 again. By high libido and energy levels, I mean sex twice a day and energy levels that stay high even after hours of exercise.

My baseline libido, pre-TRT was being open to sex every couple of days but not necessarily initiating, thinking it wasn’t a bad idea. Compared to 6 weeks in, where most days I want it and some days I need it right then and there.

My baseline energy levels pre-TRT let me do martial arts every day but I was worn out after an hour and a half. These days I think I could engage in grappling all day. I just don’t get worn out like I used to. TRT gives me the energy to do hours of intense exercise.

Me at 6 weeks of injections
Week Three of TRT
Before starting TRT

Week 6 Adjustments

There are a bunch of factors to consider at adjustment time. How is my libido, my sleep, my appetite or my mood? Overweight guys are more likely to experience, irritability, tender nipples or bloating due to a rise in estrogen. That’s because fat contains something called aromatase enzyme which changes testosterone into estrogen. We all have aromatase enzyme in our bodies there’s just a higher percentage of fat. Because we all have it, all men who undergo TRT risk having their estrogen levels go up, so that is one thing the doctor should be keeping an eye on. In addition to asking how things are going your doctor is also going to take new blood samples. Your hormone profile will be looked at again. Even though you are seeing marked improvements, you may be able to see even more improvements.

I’m sure coming from low-T and you are seeing all the improvements I am you could easily want to stop here and just ride this out. I feel so much better and from where I was this seems like all I ever need. Then I remember that when you are in a bad spot, bad times, etc. any improvement is amplified like a light in the dark. Once your eyes adjust, though you may realize that it was only a match. So don’t stop making sure that your levels are really right for you. Don’t get lazy about being vocal about your goals or dismiss changes you are experiencing, or shortcomings, be honest in these discussions.

Each individual is going to be different, this is something you will have to sit down and talk with your doctor about to find what is right for you.

For me, 6 weeks meant no adjustment. In week 5 I experienced a slight increase in irritability, likely the result of a rise in estrogen. The increase in estrogen will subside going forward, it is natural as the body adjusts. This negative effect means my body is still adapting to the current levels and no more changes should be introduced now. I provided new blood samples and next week I will know exactly what my hormone levels are at 6 weeks into TRT.

Next Week

Next week, when the results come in, rather than make a new post I will update this post with those testosterone levels.

The Update

My testosterone levels are now at 586. For me, optimal levels will probably rest between 800 to 1000. This is indicated by my free testosterone which is currently at 10 out of 25. In the last week, I was less irritable which indicates that my estrogen levels must have just been adjusting.

After speaking with my doctor about how I am feeling, and reviewing lab work, she decided to get to the desired range my treatment level will need to be increased from 140 Cypionate to 180.

One major accomplishment I found out this week was a reduction in my body fat. I am now approaching single-digit territory and will probably break through next week. I currently weigh 185lbs and have a 10% body fat!

Up next Week 10.





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