Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Week 3, Feeling the Effects of TRT

In case this is your first visit to our site, here are my lab results for your own reference when reading:

  • Test 1: Testosterone 349 NG/DL
  • Test 2: Testosterone 372 NG/DL
  • Test 3: Testosterone 390 NG/DL, Free Testosterone 5.9 PG/ML

Normal Testosterone range for a man is 350 to around 1100. A man’s free Testosterone should be at least 6. My results were right on the border of acceptable for a man, but then you factor my age, and they’re not. My levels would actually be acceptable for a man, aged 65, not a man in his mid-thirties as I am. This is week 2 for me. I got my first shots of Cypionate and HCG three weeks ago.

If you are wondering what Cypionate and HCG are, you can read last weeks post about these two shots here.

Here is a fresh set of pictures for comparison.

This was me a month ago
Taken two weeks into the treatment.
Week Three of TRT


Week 3, I’m starting to feel the testosterone

It’s really hard to tell on yourself what is changing. What I have done for the past couple of weeks is to sit down with Jen each week and talk through any changes she noticed, since they are easier for her to see. I then note them down and discuss them with my doctor when I go in for the next treatment.

After three weeks, I am feeling more energetic and more rested after sleeping. Even though I don’t personally feel much different, Jen and I agree that my libido has been raised and my body fat has gone down. In addition to dropping body fat, which has been a thorn in my side for a long time, my body weight has raised about 3 pounds. In my first post about TRT, I stated that “A 20-year-old exercising like me would probably look like Mr. Olympia”. I work out a lot, well mostly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lately, but I walk, run, and bike also, at least once vigorously almost every day. My body is finally responding to the great diet and attention I give it to staying healthy. My lean muscle mass is going up and my body fat is going down.

Summary, Week 3 Highlights on Testosterone Cypionate for TRT

I am:

  • leaner,
  • I’ve gained 4 lbs
  • I’ve gone from wanting sex once or twice a week to every day
  • I recover from activity faster
  • My insomnia has turned down slightly
  • I have harder muscles
  • I started at 175 pounds (79.4kg) and now I weigh 179 pounds(81.4kg)
  • Bonus! I just competed in a martial arts tournament against 20-year-olds, I am 35, I won first place.

Here’s the next installment: Week 6.






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