Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Week 10, Looking Like An Athlete

It’s been 10 weeks since I received my first shot. I wrote about that back in October here.

One of the first things that stands out to me looking back, is my face. Back in October, my cheeks look hollowed out, since then they have filled out again. I am definitely not the only one to notice, I get compliments almost daily now about how healthy I look.

What I’ve experienced in 10 weeks

The first month, I saw the biggest increase in libido, which I think has plateaued at this point to a normal level. I did encounter some libido swings from low to excessive and now normal.

What is a normal sex drive? To me, it is intense enough to drive me into pursuit at least every other day. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy sex every day but I do not feel like it is an intense need every day. When my libido swung to excessive it felt like I “needed” sex every day and couldn’t focus on other things.

I have seen pretty good weight gains from muscle. Even while maintaining a caloric deficit and additional exercise, I have put on about 15 pounds of muscle in 10 weeks. As a result, I’m starting to look like a pro athlete or my younger self. I included a picture from my mid-twenties in the first article. I think we are both, my wife and I, happy about the gains. (Yes, those really are all me. The tattoos are mismatched in the two recent picture because the before TRT picture was taken in a mirror so the image is reversed.)

10 weeks of TRT Therapy
Before starting TRT
Me in my mid-20s


Should you expect to gain that much muscle?

It depends. If you are going to get TRT and then just coast through your days, then you might still gain a couple pounds. I think it is absolutely natural to gain some weight (muscle) during treatment but it has taken a lot of training for me to gain as much as I have. I train and exercise far more than the average adult. I have kicked up my Jiu-Jitsu training to 8 times a week, been lifting weights 4 times a week (30 minutes), and running 4 to 6 miles a week.

That is a major improvement. When I started TRT, I was already exercising almost daily, but my recovery and energy levels didn’t allow me to do as much as I can now. Today I can do so much more and my energy levels have continued to rise. Before after an intense workout, I would be up for a nap, now I would be up for another workout. I feel like a machine, capable, energized, and confident.





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