Testosterone Replacement Therapy – First TRT Treatment

In case your reading this and wondering if you should inquire about treatment too, here are my lab results:

  • Test 1: Testosterone 349 NG/DL
  • Test 2: Testosterone 372 NG/DL
  • Test 3: Testosterone 390 NG/DL, Free Testosterone 5.9 PG/ML

Normal Testosterone range for a man is 350 to around 1100. A man’s free Testosterone should be at least 6. My results were right on the border of acceptable for a man, but then you factor my age, and they’re not. My levels would actually be acceptable for a man aged 65, not a man in his mid-thirties as I am.

This is week 1 for me. I got my first shot for testosterone replacement therapy( TRT) a week ago. Actually I have gotten two shots, my second one yesterday, both right in the butt.

What kinds of injections treat low testosterone?

My two shots consisted of 200 mg Testosterone Cypionate and 500iu Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). The first is the actual testosterone, it is what is going to raise my levels. My current level has been tested 3 times prior to proceeding (2 tests are required for insurance) and my free testosterone was also checked (also required for insurance). The free T test is the more important of the two because it measured the amount of testosterone that is actually usable by your body.

Testosterone Cypionate is popular with initial TRT because of its short half-life. Cypionate Testosterone has a half-life of about 7 to 8 days. This means that it is gone from your system in a relatively short amount of time. Therefore my body isn’t committed for the long haul to a recipe that might be wrong. The doctor will be better able to adjust on the fly for what is right for me. Once things stabilize, then a long-term solution, with long-acting treatments, can be explored. My initial 3 weeks of shots will be 140 mg Testosterone Cypionate, and then at three weeks, we may make adjustments.

From what I understand, starting out at 200 mg is on the high side. I was able to start that way because I am already in pretty good shape, somewhat lean and athletic. If you are starting treatment and you are overweight, then chances are your initial shots will be with a lower dosage of testosterone. The reason you’ll be starting out with less testosterone is that being overweight, or inactive, tends to boost your estrogen and giving you too much testosterone will boost it more. The result is the fatty deposits in your chest or the breast area will become very sensitive. To avoid this and the raised estrogen, you start off just a little slower.

If you start out with bio-identical testosterone pellets then you’ll be committing to a 6-month treatment. If the dosage turns out to be way off, well you’re just stuck with it for the next 6 months, sorry.

The HCG injection is what will keep my body’s own production from shutting down. Without HCG my body will notice that there is plenty of

This was me a month ago, two weeks before getting my first shot.

Testosterone circulating and send a message to the boys to stop production. This is important because in some cases low testosterone is a temporary thing. I have insomnia for example. Sometimes insomnia can cause low T and sometimes low T can cause insomnia. If it’s the former, the better sleep I get from TRT can break me out of that cycle but only if my body continues to produce Testosterone.

HCG is in the family of drugs with Clomid, another drug used for cycling testosterone, except not as stout as Clomid. For me, Clomid isn’t an option since I experience allergic reactions with it. It also doesn’t have a good track record of success for most men but many doctors like to try it before moving on to TRT.

How the first shot feels

It feels like any other shot, except it’s in your butt. It dissolves quickly and I couldn’t feel the injection by the time I left the doctor’s office.

Riding my motorcycle back to work afterwards I felt nothing from the two shots themselves. I did feel some adrenaline, I was a little amped up though from excitement. Knowing that I will start feeling more like my old self again excited me. I don’t think there is any shame in feeling excited about that. Riding back to work, I was certainly bobbing and weaving a little extra to the music in my helmet.

According to the doctor, it will probably be two to three weeks before I actually notice any kind of change. I will definitely report back when I do.

I think it would be fun to get a slide show of the physical changes that occur throughout the process. As I near each checkup I will piece each of these pictures together from my updates, maybe you’ll see the changes before I do.

Week 3

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