Tesla is on track to crush Ford

Comparing Apples to Apples, Here is solid proof that EV is Winning.

In 2013, Ford sold 2.49 million units. (source: Ford)

In 2013, Tesla sold 22K units. (source: autonews.com)

In 2018, Ford sold 2.39 million units (source: Ford Authority)

In 2018, Tesla sold 200K units (source: cleantchnica)

While there is still a large gap between 2.39 million units and 200K units, what we are seeing is stagnating and falling sales for companies like GM and Ford. At the same time we are seeing incredible growth from EV makers like Tesla and Nissan.

If you really want to see growth, you have to look at Nissan and their wildly popular Leaf.

The Nissan leaf the de facto leader of EV sales, and was the first to break the 400K sales mark last year. At its current rate of growth, Nissan sales are projected to pass the Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150 2019. This would mark the first time in history an electric vehicle was the top selling automobile.

The lead held by each of these trucks in only around 20% each. The Nissan Leaf’s sales growth is greater than this lead held by the top three autos.

It is expected as people realize the tide of EV, that more people will switch causing a wave to crash down on the ICE market, deflating values as people won’t be able to offload them quick enough. This phenomenon is expected to be global. Some countries are already experiencing this shift as government move to ban diesel and other ICE autos from operating due to climate change concerns. Sweden, Denmark, Norway each for instance have made hard dates for when diesels will be outlawed within their borders, some as soon as 10 years. The switch has been taken so well, that it is estimated that around 50% of Norwegian autos are now electric.

EV winning is a win for us all, for the environment and a future powered with clean renewable energy. The future is looking good, go robots!