My sweet Alpinestars Anaheim Shoes

I really like my new Alpinestars Anaheim shoes!

The Alpinestars Anaheim riding shoes look like stylish street shoes. While not track boots, these shoes offer up enough protection to inspire confidence on my commute to work. I also get the advantage of not needing a second pair of shoes at work. The Alpinestars Anaheim shoes look great with most casual attire. These shoes are a great compromise between everyday wear and riding safety.

Walking around in them, the dual density ankle protectors and internal reinforcements at the toe box and heel, become immediately obvious. This stiffness in the shoes makes them distinctly not your regular street shoe.  The folks at Alpinestars have countered that stiffness with a soft tongue and ample cushioning inside the shoe.  The best I can describe wearing them is if a pair of steel-toe work boots got it on with a pair of Vans skate shoes, this could be the offspring.

In the last six months I’ve worn combat boots, snake boots, hiking shoes, leather loafers, and running shoes, trying to find something that was a decent compromise between everyday street use and motorcycle use. It’s hard to find a shoe that offers protection while not inhibiting your ability to shift, outside of track boots. I wanted something that was decent for me to wear to the office and around town. These Alpinestars Anaheim fit the bill. These shoes are the absolute best option that I have worn for both commuting and daily wear.

Making this particular pair even more special for me, was getting them as a gift from one of my parental units. Thank you so much for these shoes. Y’all are awesome

– Update 2/20/2017

I have worn the Alpinestars Anaheim shoes for most of the last 2 months. The shoes are still in perfect condition, the leather has stood amazingly well against moisture, cold, dirt, grime, and dust. The only maintenance I have done it to give them a gently wipe down using a regular wash cloth and some mixed oil (olive, sunflower, canola) I have in the kitchen. My pair coming out of winter still look like they could have just been pulled out of the box yesterday.