Step Away From The Filters Ladies

Everyone talks about unrealistic images in the media. We are outraged that girls are taught to strive for the nipped and tucked, painted and photoshopped, perfectly lit, perfectly posed image of models in magazines.

Yet when I scan through my Facebook feed I see so many photos of the real people in my life that are filtered beyond recognition. Ladies step away from the filters! You can’t be simultaneously outraged by the fashion industry putting out unrealistic images, while you are doing the same with your own pictures.

First of all, what kind of message are you sending to the young people in your life? Are our real faces something to be hidden away? Is imperfection unacceptable even to those who know you? Are we not likable if we have pimples or wrinkles?

Isn’t the real version better anyway?

Second, you are not fooling anyone. You are sending a message that imperfection is something to be hidden away but at the same time, it is pretty obvious your photos are doctored. When your eyes are suddenly the size of a Disney princess’s and you look 12 instead of your 35 years we know you’ve been hitting the editing pretty hard.

So can we all agree to just stop with the photo editing? Let’s be real. Let’s be our imperfect human selves and trust that people will love us just as we are.

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