Prepping Food Early Makes Last Minute Trips Possible

Don’t let weekend excursion preparations drain your fun

Prepping food in small chunks rather than trying to make a mad dash a few days before a trip, makes trail meal planning so much easier. In my childhood we typically didn’t prep early, opting to shop a day or two earlier.  This made the days before a trip very hectic as packing and meal planning took up all our spare time. However, if you know how to dry fruits, meats, and veggies, you can start your prepping anytime. You’ll be prepared for your next outdoor trip and you will be practicing food saving techniques that limit waste in your home.

When you are gathering your groceries next time get a few extra items to dehydrate. One thing we do is to look for discounted fruits and veggies. They are prime candidates for drying because they are ripe and discounted! Get these home and make prepping them part of your normal routine. When you already have the cutting board out and are chopping things for dinner, slice up some apples for the dehydrator. It only takes a couple minutes and quickly builds your stores of dried food.  After a short while it becomes a seamless part of your routine and doesn’t feel like extra work.

We have two dehydrators, with eleven trays total, but even with one dehydrator you can usually have five items going at a time.  Drying food like this each week means that in about a month you will have twenty different items dried and ready to pack for camping. Twenty food items is actually quite a bit and offers a lot of variety.  You will find you have no shortage of ingredients to chose from in deciding menu items.

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