After Six Months With The Icon Airmada I Found This…

Six Months of Riding With The Icon Airmada

Six months isn’t that much time considering helmets like this one are supposed to last four of five years. Here is my initial review of the Airmada

I haven’t abused my Icon helmet, crashed with it or in any other way mistreated the Airmada. I like my helmet, it vents well and has a nice design with it.

I treat it well hanging it each night next to my bike or on the bike.

Whats Wrong With Mine Now?

First, the forehead air intake is already busted! If I don’t keep it down the left side pops up and I risk losing the entire piece if that happens I’ll dealing with excessive noise. As it is now, I have less ventilation when I want more, because opening the forehead vent means losing it.

Second, the visor comes off when full open or fully closed onto the pin lock. Sounds impossible but once the visor is down and locked to the pin, the sides release their grip on the visor and it comes off.  Luckily my wife grabbed it as we hit the tollway at 80 mph. The damn thing just about flew right off my helmet.

For ┬áthe money I spent on this helmet, I expected it to last much more than six months. In contrast, I have had other helmets of lesser brand recognition and for less money hold up better than this Icon has. Maybe Icon will fix it and we’ll enjoy more years to come.


There will have to be another update on all this about the Icon Airmada. I am contacting Icon about fixing the pieces and I will post up about their response.

Update July 12, 2017:

Unfortunately Icon will not be fixing my helmet. Their warranty policy requires you to take the matter up with the merchant for handling and you need your receipt. I recently moved and also lost my receipt. What this means is that I have no more options for fixing my Airmada, I am stuck with a expensive yet apparently cheaply made helmet.

Keep your receipt!


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