Shock Doctor BioFlex Cup Review, A Good Deal?

I snagged this cup on Amazon last month, for only $15, after taking a few shoulders to the boys on takedowns. I have mixed feelings about the product and here is why.

I like that the cup is vented, I don’t get off the mats with a steaming swamp in my crotchal region. I also like the cups flexibility. My last cup was back around 2000 and I remember how uncomfortable it was. This cup is miles beyond that old cup in terms of comfort and shape. The cup does not restrict me in any way either.

The waistband cup holder seems to breathe well just like the cup. I like that it is supposedly anti-microbial, when sparing every day that is important. I don’t want ringworm on my balls and anything to help prevent that is good with me.

What I don’t like

I haven’t owned this long, maybe two months. I have used it in two tournaments and maybe 10 practices and yet the jockstrap is already falling apart. I haven’t put this strap through anything out of the ordinary. Twelve washes and air drying should not have destroyed the stitching. Yet, the stitching has torn apart twice already. I was able to repair it each time, but I have to admit I am disappointed in the overall quality of the pocket.

Would I recommend you buy this? Not the waistband, if you can get the cup separately then go for it. Get a jockstrap somewhere else. The stitching just is not reliable enough to recommend.

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