Sex Abuse and The Village Church in Flower Mound

Today, featured in my Apple News feed, the New York Times writes about more sex abuse in church. This particular instance, at the Village Church in my town of Flower Mound.

The highlighted abuse centers around the daughter of Christi and Matt Bragg, long time faithful parishioners to The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX. Christi and Matt Bragg, watched for over a year as the churches elders hid wrong doing under a sketchy legal document for membership and avoided any admittance of wrong doing.

When their daughter became a victim to the church, they became the enemy. The Village Church like many large established religious organizations uses broad legal armor to protect it from wrong doing.

Rape, child molestation and sexual abuse are so common in organized religious organization now days that there are even specialized attorneys like those this church contracts with through MinistrySafe.

MinistrySafe advises churches, mosques and synagogues in the case their leadership decides to dick a child. MinistrySafe works to mitigate the legal fallout and negative publicity generally associated with only the worst entities in the existence. For the Village, an agreement forbids members from suing the church, and instead requires mediation and then binding arbitration, legal processes that often happen in secret.

In this case, Ms. Bragg assumed MinistrySafe “would advocate for her daughter, but she learned that the group’s leaders were the church’s legal advisers, ” as stated by the New York Times.

As the article points out, this type of thing isn’t rare in organized religion at all. In fact, we see these cases routinely in organized religion. There have been “nearly 400 Southern Baptist leaders, from youth pastors to top ministers, have pleaded guilty or were convicted of sex crimes against more than 700 victims since 1998”, according to a recent investigation by The Houston Chronicle and The San Antonio Express-News. 

With all of the sex abuse, child molestation and child marriage within the Catholic church, the Baptist church, Islam, Buddhism, and every other major organizer religion, I think it’s time to start treating these groups more like perverse cults than holy groups.

I believe people should be able to believe in a higher power, and being a good person but clearly either these organizations do not actually believe in their teachings otherwise they would be scared of their creator and not just the law or they don’t actually believe in their creator and it is simply a scam. In either case, is child molestation and marriage really something we want in the modern world?

The New York Times article is much more detailed and should you want to read it, you can find it here: source.

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