Rules of Camping

The more you camp the more you realize there are certain rules of camping that if ignored will make themselves readily known. So here we are, the rules of camping, ignore them at your peril.

Rules of Camping:

  1. unknownPack more toilet paper than you think you could possibly use. Sure you don’t want your backpack to weigh more than it has too, but toilet paper is not the place to skimp. This is not what you want to see when nature calls.
  2. The pan handle is always hotter than you think. It is amazing how fast a camp fire can heat a handle that is no where near the flames; Ice cold one second, a glowing brand the next. A pot holder is always a good idea.
  3. Don’t answer a call of nature upstream of your campsite. Ew.
  4. When answering that call in the woods, other people can see you from surprisingly long distances away. Take the time to go just a little further before digging that hole.
  5. img_6952Always use bug spray. Nature is the home of ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos, they will attack when invaded. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way.
  6. When you bow to the weather forecast and laden yourself down with rain gear, it will not rain.When you leave the rain gear at home, prepare for a three day downpour.
  7. Similarly, when you depend on fishing for your dinner you won’t get a single bite. When you have plenty of other things to eat, you’ll catch more fish than you know what to do with.
  8. Four little kids will need a tent three times the size of the tent needed for two full-grown adults. If you doubt this ask any parent with a king size bed what happens when a toddler sleeps with them.
  9. When boiling water over a campfire, have at least three times the amount of water you need. You will dump some. And then you will dump some more. Eventually, you may have enough for a small cup of coffee.
  10. img_6528When camping food tastes better, sleep is more refreshing, families grow closer, and memories last longer.


Go out and camp!



What did we miss? Any other undeniable camping rules that should be followed? Lets hear them!

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