Psychedelic Mushrooms and Peyote are now legal

That’s right, mushrooms and peyote are now completely legal but unfortunately only in Oakland California and Denver Colorado, for now.

Why are psychedelics illegal?

That is a long story, the TL, DR of it is that:

We know from Archaeologists, that psychoactive plants have played a role in human’s daily lives, as fossil evidence supports past human ritualistic use.

In fact, psychedelics have been and continue to be important in human society for around 10,000 years. There is ample evidence for the past thousands of years to support the view that these plants have had a net positive affect on humanity and societies development. Around 1960, American’s at large discovered the benefits of psychedelics and that made really religious people angry.

Even with all of the evidence pointing to the good these plants provided to humanity for thousands of years, this group of ignorant and arrogant religious legislators elected to ban psychedelics. In prohibiting these natural compounds, these legislators would write a new chapter on failed prohibitions, start and endless failed war on drugs, incarcerate thousands of non-violent persons and destroy the family structure across America. Yay religion!

Oakland joins Denver in a return to sanity!

On June 5th in Oakland, the Oakland City Council voted unanimously to decriminalize hallucinogenic fungi and peyote. The council also took steps to offer guidance on the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms. Law enforcement is instructed to cease investigating and prosecuting the possession of these substances. This entire legalization move is sure to rile up those same irrational ultra-religious types.

Ironic, that the people claiming to believe in an infallible creator would seek to control the creations of their creator. In my opinion, the actions of those “believers” say they actually believe their infallible creator makes mistakes that must be corrected. Whereas, on the other hand other people think that maybe these psychedelics actually open our minds.

In those discussions, some express a belief that our brains are rewired temporarily by the psychedelics to see what we couldn’t before. That the peyote or mushrooms may even be enabling us to see the essence of or communicate with the creator(s) even. These are questions that I am sure science will be able to answer soon, given that now researchers can legally acquire and test with the substances.

Regardless of your or my opinions on divinity in the world, there is mounting evidence to support the medicinal application of psychedelics. Recently, studies have found great success in treating depression, anxiety, and persistently difficult PTSD. Psychedelics are changing the landscape of how we treat mental illness. Psychedelics are also enable psychologist to treat patients without the harmful affects of most pharmaceuticals.

Just for funsies

There is the recreational benefit too. These psychedelics, lacking in addictive properties or harmful compounds, have been found to be substantially safer than alcohol.

While there is still much work to do in creating a sustainable legal framework within society for safely managing the recreational aspect, we can already be sure that:

  • fewer people will become addicted
  • fewer people will drive under the influence, and
  • fewer people will experience health issues as a result of psychedelic usage compared with alcohol or man made pharmaceuticals.

In the end, I am glad to see more people embracing nature It is about time we quit allowing irrational and unscientific ultra-religious views to influence medicine. Yesterday marks a big win for humanity and the sciences which support the well being of humans everywhere.

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