No Limits Firewalker 50L Backpack Review

Excellent Design and Under $100

After the last bag I snagged from Walmart, the 45L Ozark Trail backpack, my hopes of finding a well designed backpack under $100 diminished. Then I found the No Limits Firewalker 50L substantially discounted Academy Sports and Outdoors’ website. Academy honors their online sales in store and I was able to pick up the 50L hiking pack for $48.

How is the Firewalker 50L Pack’s Design?

It really is amazing how well thought out the design is. It has multiple pockets on the waist strap for often used items and shoulder pockets for other small items. An attached rain cover pulls out from the lower compartment. The top flap has two smaller pockets so your small items don’t get lost in the pack. There is a slim back sleeve compartment and a huge main compartment. The two side mesh pockets are perfect for water bottles or flip-flops. Rings and elastic straps all over the pack make strapping gear on easy. Ther are trekking pole loops and exterior loops for strapping down your sleeping pad on top or underneath.

The absolute best part of this pack was the main compartment design, specifically the access points. First you can get into the main compartment from the top, from the front, and even from the lower compartment. Yes, it has three access points. No more unpacking unnecessarily to get one pair of socks from the depths of your pack. The lower compartment divider can also be fully or partially opened, extending the length of the main compartment by joining the two large compartments.

How comfortable is the Firewalker 50L pack.

The shoulder and back padding is thick, breathable, and has a mesh outer layer for quick drying. After walking 14 miles my waist never got sore from contact with the hip straps, but my shoulders did get a little raw. At the end of the trip, my shoulders had the feel of a light sun burn in a few spots. Maybe my expectations were too high. Perhaps after 14 miles any pack would have worn on my shoulders, especially in mountainous terrain. I’ll take this pack on another trip before chalking that up to the packs fault.

Other features of the Firewalker 50L pack

A quick list includes: water resistant fabric, not waterproof though. It’s light weight makes this pack a definite option for someone considering extended or short term hiking trips. Compression straps can be found on every side of the pack helping reduce the size substantially. It includes a water pouch compatible compartment and opening for your water tube. There are also two large pockets that sit on top of the entire pack, I found these extremely useful for separating our camera equipment out and storing things we would need more frequently.

The Firewalker 50L overall

For under $75 at full price, and at $48 when heavily discounted, this pack will give other, more expensive packs, a run for the money. There are many packs similar in appearance and weight but few with the design so well thought out. Seriously, three access points to the main compartment! Priceless. This pack may be a little large and heavy for the seriously ultralight backpacker who counts ounces and wants a down sleeping bag, like the Aegismax M2. Also, the sippers could be a little smoother functioning. For people wanting to get their toes wet backpacking this should be a serious contender. For price, design and comfort you won’t be disappointed. Want to see the pack, watch our demo on YouTube.

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