Is the new Frogg Toggs UltraLite2 rain suit any good?

I have been waiting 2 months for a rainy morning to try these out. Since purchasing them it has not rained once during my commute here in North Texas, until today.

How well does the Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 rain suit keep you dry?

frogg toggs ultra-lite2 rain suitI was able to test them at 60 mph, next to jacked up trucks dumping water over my bike. I was mostly dry. I’ll be sure to get some GoPro footage next so you can see countless tsunamis coming over me and the bike.

Honestly, the rain suit was pretty good, I was hoping to arrive completely dry, however, that didn’t pan out.  The rain suit top which is a little loose around my waist, managed to work it’s way up and let in some water.  Fortunately for me, the water found it’s way to my crotchal region, so I got to look like I pissed myself all day.  Awesome!

– Amazon link to purchase this suit here: Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite Rain Suit

The suit actually kept me a little warm by trapping in some of the humidity and body heat. When I arrived my head and torso remained about 90% dry, the additional moisture on my torso and head was due to sweat. My pants wetting was only due to that little bit of water that found my shirt front where the top pushed up.

Overall, considering rain will not stop me from using my bike for my commute, I think that the suit is pretty good. I’ve ridden with no rain gear and it sucks to have to change fully before doing anything else and also having to keep extra clothes at work to change in.  Don’t get me wrong, riding soaking wet is better than sitting in a car, but arriving mostly dry was definitely real nice. Next time I’ll be sure to tighten the jacket around my waist better and hopefully spare myself from looking like a potty-training 2 year old.

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