MX Trails for Begginers and Kids Near DFW

Beginners and younger kids need their own dirt bike trails to be safe

You got a dirt bike for your kid. She has practiced in the backyard, in her grandparents bigger yard, and now she asks for a little more adventure. You need to find somewhere where a new rider can hone her skills. Preferably where she also won’t have to negotiate turns as bigger, heavier riders, go zooming loudly by. One such place that offers dirt bike trails for the smaller or new riders is right in the mid-cities area.

Trophy Club Park

Trophy Club Park has plenty of activities from hiking, fishing, boating and even dirt bike trails (OHV) trails. The motocross track here is 6/10 of a mile, but it has all the twists turns and jumps along the lake to keep you kids entertained all day. The track does have a covered awning, and you’ll definitely see parents in loungers with coolers packed with snacks and lunch out there.

For the smaller kids, Trophy Club Park offers a special fenced off oval course, complete with mini bumps and a high banking turn. This course lacks the dangers of trees and water for the smaller kids. Here it is also much easier for parents to watch and assist the new riders around the course, making it perfect for practicing basic throttle control and balancing. Four, three, and two wheels are all perfectly acceptable on the track and it’s completely acceptable for kids to utilize training wheels for assistance.

If you are looking for somewhere convenient to Dallas-Fort Worth where you can get your little one into motocross, this is a great place to start.

We took Emily out there for our first trip, after a couple assisted rounds on the track and a couple spills, she was zooming through the turns with ease.

Be responsible, guide your child

New riders will fall, that’s a fact. If you’re going to start your child into motocross then start them out right. Outside the safety of your own backyard and you’re reach, your child’s safety gear needs increase. Helmet and gloves may be okay in the backyard or a field by themselves but not places where there are trees, brush, and other riders.

Always dress your child with the minimum: boots, helmet, goggles, and chest and spine protector while riding trails or near other riders. Without this gear, you are risking impacts to their core vital areas. That lack of protection could mean the difference between a fun day at the park to a terrifying trip to the hospital. Be a responsible parent and encourage all-the-gear, all-the-time (ATGATT ) early with your children. By the time the are on to bigger equipment donning their gear will be second nature.

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