The Truth About Girls and Motorcycles

They Told Me a Motorcycle Would Attract Girls..

We’ve all heard this as young men, read it on some forum or thought it at some point. Here is the truth of it: the only people who will try to speak to you because of your bike are middle aged/older men.

There are times when it won’t be an old or middle aged man. I have had many awkward encounters at intersections, me sitting there waiting for a green and some young guy on a gixxer rolling up next to me to dole out compliments. Every time it happens, I think to myself how this situation never seems to occur when my wife is with me, which makes it even weirder.

I think the weirdness is amplified by the fact that all of this complimenting and chatting never seems to occur when my wife is with me. It’s like being a lone dude on a sport bike invites other dudes to give you compliments. I wouldn’t think it so weird if it happened with her there too. Nope, I’m sitting there at a stop light wondering “is he looking at me, yup sure is…here he comes.”

If you ride a sport bike and it’s an older man then in my experience it will be inside Home Depot as you’re picking up some caulk (ha ha) ironically. They’ll talk about how they used to have a Ducati or to discuss how they once owned a 750/1000 and went all the half way across the nation in 3 hours and got rid of it because it was too fast. That’s the life on a super sport.

If you’re riding any other bike, they’ll still talk to you, don’t worry. Motorcycles attract older men like flies on shit.

This leads me to my next thought…

Why Don’t More Gay Dudes Ride Motorcycles?

You must not ride a cruiser if you think that. Because gay dudes are well aware of the cock pulling power of a motorcycle, they just tend to ride cruisers. Don’t believe me? Check out Harley Davidson’s Daytona Bike Week ad. You can count the women on one hand in that image, while the men out number them easily 20:1.

“Most of the queer riders I’ve come across have also been old daddies on cruisers.” – random gay motorcycle rider

The Point of All This.

Bottom line is you won’t get girls by having a motorcycle. The other sex is attracted to the guy riding, not the machine. Dudes are stupid so we think the machine is where it is. This line of thought has prevailed for generations and probably won’t die any time soon though. Don’t expect ads showing young girls drooling alongside roads as a young biker pulls up to quit being produced any time soon.