Loggerhead Marine Life Center Review

For an activity with the kids it doesn’t get much better than Loggerhead Marine Life Center. It’s fun, educational and even free, although they do request donations and deserve them.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center – Juno Beach, FL

Loggerhead Marine Life Center is a non-profit turtle rescue located right across the road from the beach. Their main focus is rehabilitating hurt or sick sea turtles and returning them to the wild. The also offer mainly programs to the public from storytimes for little kids, guided tours of their centers, hammock and beach walks with a naturalist, to programs for seniors, and much more.

If you check their calendar before visiting them you can participate in one of their many programs and spend a good part of the day with them. You can also stop in for a quick visit to say hello to the turtles, after a day at the beach and have an equally fun time.

The Turtles

Kids are amazed at the size of the the turtles. The center usually has a variety of turtles from “small” thirty pound turtles up to the big guys who are over two hundred pounds. The turtles are kept in individual pools and each pool is labeled with the turtles name and their story. Their story tells us where they were found, how they are hurt or sick, and how their recovery is going.

Not only is it a wonderful experience for kids to see such big and rare animals, it is very educational too. Seeing these cute turtles hurt by human pollution really drives home the message of ┬áthe importance of caring for our environment. A child will be much less likely to litter when they see the plastic that got pulled out of their new turtle-friend’s stomach.

Other Exhibits

The front of the building has interesting displays of fossils, turtle skeletons, fish, shark teeth, and more. Every display is setup to make it easy to teach kids. From the wonder of the size of the Megadon Shark tooth to the lessons about invasive fish, kids will learn a lot and have fun doing it.

If you live near West Palm Beach Florida or find yourself vacationing nearby, make a point to visit Loggerhead Marinelife Center. You won’t regret it.

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