LIFT is offering rides on the autonomous HEXA!

This is how you get the public on board with riding a drone.

Right now, you can reserve a seat aboard the autonomous HEXA ultralight. LIFT aircraft , maker of the HEXA ultralight, is running a 25 city road show, bringing the ground breaking AI powered HEXA ultralight aircraft for adventurous people to try out.

What makes the HEXA ultralight awesome?

For starters, no pilots license required. Anyone can hop in and ride. The idea with HEXAs development is to bring sky travel to the masses. It won’t matter how capable of flight you are, how trained you are, how sleepy you are even, because HEXA does everything for you.

With HEXA, which is a truly autonomous drone transport, you don’t ever have to touch the controls, with exception of selecting a destination. HEXA performs all flight and avoidance maneuvers. That doesn’t mean you cannot fly HEXA.

In fact, the HEXA ultralight is capable of autonomous, semi-autonomous or piloted flight. In signing up for the LIFT tour, you will get training. The tour will help establish trust and normalcy with the public, bringing drone commuting closer to reality. With the awful traffic in DFW, autonomous drone commuting can’t come quick enough.

Each HEXA ultralight flight will be conducted safely within a geofenced area. Each HEXA drone is equipped with redundant power, flight and safety systems, including a ballistic parachute designed for use with the HEXA. This is how you build trust in drone transport.

Because the drone can still be piloted, and LIFT encourages you too, you will still receive training to fly. You’ll watch safety videos, run a simulator, perform flight checks with a ground crew and then fly. If you want, the HEXA, even mid-flight can be taken over by a ground pilot just like any other drone and flown for you.

LIFT is ensuring the entire experience of getting trained and in the air will be just as it would if you purchased one yourself, not that LIFT has announced plans to sell the HEXA yet.

Your maiden flight will be up to 15 minutes (8-15 minutes). The whole experience will last 2-3 hours. The drone can carry any pilot over 18, under around 250 lbs (113 kg) and shorter than around 6 foot 7 (200 cm). Anything larger 250 lbs and you’re trading flight time for the additional weight, so suck it in people.

You can find participating cities here, Dallas-Fort Worth is there:

Right now, there is a special 40% off for early bird registration.

” We believe in a future where everyone can fly” – LIFT Aircraft

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