The Joe Rocket Mesh Jacket!

I started off the year in North east Texas wearing an Xelement Grey Leather/Fabric Motorcycle Jacket. I was gifted this jacked from an acquaintance at work one day. It was okay, but as the weather got warmer, the lack of ventilation quickly made me hate it. Right before I was almost resigning myself to deal with the ridicule from friends and family from going without a jacket until my wife found me a new one. 

For the first time in a long time, I rolled down the George Bush tollway and didn’t feel like death was taking me. 

Jenica had found a sweet deal on a the Joe Rocket Mesh Jacket and I found a reason to be happy about a jacket again.

Joe Rocket Ballistic series armor mesh riding jacketI was a little hesitant about mesh at first,  worried a mesh jacket lacked the armor and strength to stand up to the street.  I heard stories about mesh jackets  exploding on impact, shredding in a slide, or that they didn’t have enough armor for real impacts.

There was some hesitancy to trust the the Joe Rocket mesh jacket but it was just so dang comfortable.

Contrary to what I had heard, I found this Joe Rocket jacket to have a lot of armor. It actually had dual layers that dispersed the impact of a punch much better than the leather/textile jacket I was replacing.

More importantly, this jacket felt better than my bare skin under the sun, letting air flow seamlessly and shielding me from direct sunlight.

Is a mesh jacket okay in winter?

What it felt like heading to work that day.

Maybe, if it’s covered by a wool jacket and you have thermals on underneath.  The Joe Rocket mesh jacket isn’t going to warm you at all. I have since worn mine down to 40 degrees and it was awful, I would never recommend this by itself. If it is all you have consider it zero insulation from the cold. Your sweater, thermals, etc will be your only protection.


As for rain, you need a rain liner or rain gear if you want to stay dry in rain. I mistakenly wore it on a rainy day by the time I got home I had nothing dry but my head.  I picked up a Frogg Toggs DriDucks Ultra-Lite 2 Rain Suit that day. 

Overall, for warm and dry days the mesh jacket is great. I have had mine for 2 years now and I have no plans to go without the Joe Rocket mesh jacket ever again.  

Pros of the Joe Rocket mesh jacket:

  • Ventilation, not sweating to death.
  • Armor
  • Low Price
  • Well made

Cons of the Joe Rocket mesh jacket:

  • Doesn’t keep you dry in rain
  • Won’t keep you warm at all