Joe Rocket Ballistic Armor Mesh Jacket – Review

I started off this year wearing a Xelement Grey Leather/Fabric Motorcycle Jacket. The X-Element I got for free, a random gift from an acquaintance. I live in North-East Texas and as warmer temperatures got here I started to hate that jacket. I was just going to accept riding without a jacket. Accept getting grilled, by friends and family, about my lack of safety equipment but at least I wouldn’t have a heat stroke on the George Bush. The couple of vents on the jacket never seemed to make any difference in the heat.

After the armor mesh jacket

Joe Rocket Ballistic series armor mesh riding jacketHappy…

A couple months ago, Jenica found a sweet deal on a Joe Rocket Mesh Street Motorcycle Jacket. I was a little hesitant about mesh at first. I was worried mesh motorcycle jackets lacked the armor and strength to stand up to the street.  Having heard stories about mesh jackets, like them exploding on impact, shredding in a slide, or that they didn’t have enough armor for real impacts. I began to reconsider when Jenica purchased the mesh jacket in white and seemed to dismount the ride sweat free and so much more comfortable than me. So we bought another one for me in black.

Contrary to what I had heard, I found this Joe Rocket jacket to have a lot of armor.  It actually has two sets, one sewn in and an extra set fit in to prefabricated pockets. I’m pretty happy to have a jacket with doubled up armor.  My other jackets never had as much and with this jacket I am not dying under the Texas Sun.  This jacket feels better than bare skin under the Sun and breathes amazingly well.

Is a mesh jacket okay in winter?

Maybe, if it’s covered by a wool jacket and you have thermals on underneath.  Because a mesh jacket isn’t going to warm you at all. You need a rain liner or rain gear if you want to stay dry. Last week it poured around Dallas, I forgot about the incoming rain.  By the time I got home I had nothing dry but my head.  I picked up a Frogg Toggs DriDucks Ultra-Lite 2 Rain Suit that day.  Overall, for warm and dry days the mesh jacket is great.  For a cold weather or rain jacket, it would suck hard. You’re gonna need another jacket for winter unless you garage your bike.  For the summer though, I promise it is every bit worth it to have the ventilation, especially in the south.


  • Ventilation, not sweating to death.
  • Armor
  • Cost, I got mine for $75


  • Doesn’t keep you dry in rain
  • Won’t keep you warm

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