Icon Airmada review

AGV, Scorpion or Icon, why I picked an Airmada

My helmet had passed the manufacturers use by date (five years from date of manufacture for most helmets). While I tried to find time in my schedule to go get it replaced with a new one, I researched the newest helmets after my kids went to bed. Each day I rode to work with my old helmet, I imagined my head being split down the tollway. I don’t think anything conjures up images of death for me like an “expired” helmet.

Fast forward to Friday, in Dallas we have a sweet shop called Moto Liberty that always has a huge clearance section. Checking the clearance first of course, I immediately spotted a blue Icon Airmada. Through my research I already knew I was going to go with a Airmada or EXO-R410. My primary concern aside from having a helmet without molecular breakdown of the plastics to protect my skull was the anti-fog visor they both offer. I ride daily and if you ride daily you know the struggle you face with foggy visors in cold weather.  Come to a stop, flip the visor up, accelerate, visor clears, visor down, rinse and repeat.

The clearance helmet beckoned to me, last season’s design still freaking awesome

I grabbed that super cheap Airmada, I got it out the door for about 50% off plus they threw in a bungie net to hold my old helmet. Moto Liberty is awesome, I can’t recommend them enough.

About the Airmada, a few rides later and now I have some notes to share with you on my purchase. A little background, my perspective is coming from an S-4 AGV.

The good, does the Icon Airmada fog up

The first time I came to a light, I huffed and tried to slow breathe like an asthmatic creeper in the dark. Nothing, my visor didn’t fog onceand  normally I would have been staring at a screen of cloudiness. To answer that question: Hell no! This helmet actually doesn’t fog up, just like they say. Don’t be fooled looking at other brands though. Cleve marketing almost made me think a similar styled HJC was anti-fog because of the phrasing “anti-fog ready”… with “ready” in tiny letters.

The Airmada also had a much more snug fit. I was happy about that too, having just finished watching a GP crash compilation and seeing how tight they kept their helmets, I welcomed the extra tight fit. While the helmet was snug it was well designed with great ventilation. So far I’ve had to make no adjustments to the vents and my head has remained sweat free and nicely cool.

The bad

I read a bunch of reviews claiming the Airmada was quieter. To me I didn’t find any noticeable difference from my older S-4 AGV helmet. I guess this depends on where you are coming from. I wouldn’t expect it to be super quiet. The weight also threw me a little as I expected a newer helmet to weigh much less. In hand, the Airmada felt about the same as the AGV also. However, with the awesome anti-fog and comfortable snug fit I was willing to overlook the bad.

The only other bad part I noticed was exceptionally odd. I read about Icon’s R&D and how they use wind tunnel testing. I can’t help but think someone forgot to turn the helmet sideways as they tested. This is because when I turn slightly to check the lane next to me, a whistle can be heard. It isn’t loud, but isn’t quiet either. I guess in making such an aerodynamic helmet facing forward they just got excited and called it a day.


It’s a good helmet, I’d pick it again for the anti-fog visor alone. In considering this helmet, I don’t know that I’d buy the hype about it being lighter or quieter. There are a bunch of reviews that are all good all the time. I just want to share some real findings good and bad from my perspective to help you in making your own decision.

Update 12/9/2016

The visor is truly fog free all the time, but yesterday I found that even that is misleading. With each of my last helmets when I was stopped for a long time at a light they fogged up. The Icon Airmada doesn’t fog up though. Instead what I found yesterday as I was sitting at an unusually long light and found the blurring effect to be just about as bad a being fogged up. By the  time the light changed, I could barely see through the visor and it took about as long to clear as fogging would have. I like the helmet and I am happy with the purchase, mostly because of the price tag. I thought this was important to be aware of, unfortunately I didn’t find any mention of Airmada visors blurring before making my purchase.

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