Clean AI powered ships are replacing diesels

Every year, approximately 23,000 diesel trucks transport goods throughout Netherlands and Belgium. While both Netherlands and Belgium have a vast number inland canals, most goods end up on the backs of internal combustion engine trucks on roads, this is changing.

Next summer, a new transport will begin its work. Initially, the transport will have a human crew, not to operate it but to ensure the AI powered systems on board perform as intended. This particular transport has also been designed to make use of the inland canals having been designed to pass under the bridges.

The new Tesla dei Canales electric boats, as they are called, will reduce the use of approximately 23,000 diesel trucks a year. Instead of burning fossils fuels and polluting endlessly and irresponsibly, these ships will capture electricity from renewal sources. The energy provider Eneco will supply the boats 7 meter wide batteries.

Port Liner will initially begin with 5 ships carrying 24 containers and expand to 6 larger ships carrying 270 containers. Each ship will have a range of up to 35 hours of fully autonomous transport navigation. These autonomous vessels will reduce around 18,000 tons of CO2 pollution.

The affect most people will notice more immediately though will be the reduction in traffic congestion. Removing 23,000 human driven large vehicles from the road ways will have a significant improvement.

Thanks to the generosity of the EU government in providing ample subsidies this project is being realized, technology is improving our lives and the impact we have on our environment.

You can find more about Port Liner here

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