Hot Wired Heated Glove Liners Hot Review

Even in Texas, it gets cold enough to make my hands numb after a short ride down the highway. If you’ve been riding out in the winter then you’ve, no doubt, experienced this too.

How cold does it get here?

For reference, riding in the winter you are almost always exposed to negative wind chill temperatures. I found this windchill calculator useful. Riding in 15°F weather at between 60 and 70 mph, the windchill is about -12°F. At that low of a temperature, it only takes about 30 minutes for frostbite to occur. While a morning that cold is about as bad as it gets here in Dallas, even the more typical 30-40 degree winter mornings are far from pleasant. Some days after riding into work, I could barely move my fingers enough to get my helmet off.

Then my wife gave me a set of Cycle Gear’s Hot Wired heated gloves and I forgot about the cold.

No more frozen hands

For the last 12 months, I had been using a set of Dainese MIG C2 gloves. You can read more about those gloves here. While my Dainese gloves are decent for warm weather, the air vents on the knuckles make them terrible for the winter. The air vents invite the freezing winds right in to hug your hands and suck the heat right out of them.

When I wear my Dainese gloves with the Hot Wired glove liners, the vents are mostly blocked and heat is literally radiating from the liners. For the past few weeks using these liners, I have not once arrived at my destination with frozen hands. They have microfilaments that spread an even heat throughout the glove. While the temperature on these is not adjustable, as you would find in more expensive heated gloves, I find the constant 90-degree temperature perfect.

While the liners are very thin, they do make the fit inside my normal warm season gloves a bit tight. I would advise you to pick up a larger waterproof pair of gloves to wear over these. I recommend waterproof because the idea of getting shocked has crossed my mind considering the gloves are wired right to the battery.

Save Your Hands and Maybe Your Life Too

Getting these liners will not only make your hands happy, they will also make your ride safer. Trying to operate a motorcycle with stiff, frozen hands is not ideal. If you end up in an emergency situation where you need to react fast, frozen hands might slow you down enough to cause a crash. Buying these liners will ensure you have a safe and comfortable winter ride.