Hillwood, Uber, Deloitte and Alliance Airport are bringing Autonomous Sky Taxis to Dallas-Fort Worth

Beginning 2020, Uber and many other partner companies at AllianceTexas will start testing autonomous aircraft in Dallas-Fort Worth. The goal of the projects will be to innovate, collaborate, gain FAA approval and launch their initial services in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Autonomous flying taxis services are expected to create a multi-billion dollar industry and revolutionize they way we commute in and around Dallas-Fort Worth.

Thanks in large part to Hillwood, a Perot Company, who established the new mobility innovation zone at Fort Worth’s Alliance Airport or AllianceTexas. Hillwood announced the creation of the innovation zone Monday June 10, 2019.

For Uber, operating out of AllianceTexas, home to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Southwest Regional Headquarters, means finalizing the Uber Elevate air taxi system with the FAA. Uber plans to launch initial service out of AllianceTexas, DFW Airport and Frisco by 2023.

Along with Uber, Deloitte, the accounting services provider, will provide a mobility global practice team which will develop a working business model for the new innovation zone.

For Amazon, and others, this is an opportunity to gain public support, and finalize real world drone transports and demonstrate the efficacy of level 5 autonomous aircraft, and gain FAA approval. For Uber and the many other partners already at AllianceTexas, it is also an opportunity to collaborate on automation innovation technology for driverless cars and aircraft.

“Over the next two to five years, it has the ability to really evolve into something much more visible, much more high-profile in the sense that it hopefully will attract more of the innovators and manufacturers of automated trucks, cars UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles),” Mike Berry, Hillwood president.

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