Hiking, Camping, and Relationships, Installment 2

Welcome to our series of articles on Hiking, Camping, and Relationships. This is our second installment. If your starting out here you might want to go back and start reading at the first article here.

Setting up camp:

Our Campsite

How would setting up camp go with your new love interest. Would they sit back and let you do all the work? Would they insist everything be set up exactly how they want it? If something went wrong, would they give up and head to the nearest hotel? Or would they become frustrated and grumpy? Could one inconvenience ruin a whole trip for them?

When Patrick and IĀ arrived at our first campsite together, we quickly learned what a great team we made. With no communication at all, we both started unloading and setting up camp. Each of us taking one task and noticing, before the other could ask, when our help was needed. When it was discovered that one tent was missing a pole, neither one of us got angry, upset, or morose. We talked about possible solutions, decided on the best method, and then got the tent up. The missing tent pole was forgotten about and we went on to have a great time.

Teamwork is intergral in any relationship. If you make a great team while setting up camp, chances are this will carry over into every day life. It does for us. The effortless choreography we have when we set up camp is the same when we do any other task together. From writing this blog, to planning our trips, to taking care of our kids, we know the other person is going to do what they can to make it easier on us. Going through life knowing that you have someone there to help you through all of life’s challenges, from the mundane to the seemingly insurmountable, is priceless.

Next weeks installment:

Long Drives, quiet hikes, and no distractions for days…

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