Hiking Camping and Relationships: Article 4

Welcome to our series of articles on Hiking, Camping, and Relationships. This is our forth installment. If your starting out here you might want to go back and start reading at the first article here.


On camping trips, and in life, mistakes happen, we take the wrong trail, forget something, burn the food, spill water on the fire. How do you handle them as a couple? Are you blamed for everything. Does the other person berate you for the simple fact that you are human and screw up sometimes? Or does one mistake mean the whole trip is ruined? You forgot the sleeping pads so we should just forget it and go home!

On our latest trip to Pedernales Falls State Park, we camped two miles away at a primitive site. Before we left the car, I told myself not to forget the camping stove refill because our cook canisters were empty. Yet I got distracted loading up, and set it down in the car. The next morning we discovered we didn’t have it at camp. Patrick jumped on the bike, made the four mile round trip ride over hilly terrain, and got the refill. Not once did he complain. I felt horrible and would have understood if he was upset with me but he said we all forget things and not to worry about it.

We all make mistakes. They are part of being human and help us to learn how to do things better. If your partner loses their cool when you mess up, run far away.  Forgetting something makes us feel bad enough, having someone insult you or belittle you because you made a mistake isn’t worth it. Life is too short for that.

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