“Foods” to avoid feeding your kids, Pop-tarts

Pop-tarts, 50 ingredients and less than 2% fruit

I hate Pop Tarts! They are nothing more than a dessert item marketed as some kind of fruit filled breakfast pastry. You know what is a breakfast pastry? An apple fritter. In an apple fritter you can see the apples, and they are real apples. Even a fritter should be consumed only in moderation and with sensibility. In our homes, the kids get to indulge in donuts only about twice a year.

What’s in a Pop-tart?

A Pop Tart has less than 2% of it’s makeup as fruit. From the cake outside, the sugar paste filling, frosting and sprinkles on top, it is mostly sugar and flour. The rest is made up of over 50 different ingredients mostly aimed at making Pop Tarts having an insanely long shelf life. That should be a huge red flag. How about the Red 40 or Yellow 6 found in Pop-tarts, those colors that comes from petroleum distillates or coal tars. Does feeding your child coal tars sound nice? Are you aware of the potential health hazards of ingredients such as Red 40? If you, as the parent, do not understand what the ingredients are, why on earth would you feed it to your kid?

Feeding your kid a Pop Tart is no different than handing them strawberry ice cream for breakfast and declaring it’s healthy because it has fruit. What you are actually feeding them might even be worse, more like dog food.. Pop-tarts were actually inspired by dog food. A break through in the technology used to keep dog food from going rancid was the inspiration for Pop-tart development decades ago. Unfortunately, they have been a big seller since they came out and sadly consumption is rising. Next time you are staring down that package down at the supermarket remember it’s horrid nutritional profile and steer clear.

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