First Car Advice to my 16 year Old Self

Oh to Go Back and Choose that First Vehicle Again…

Hey kid! I know what first car you’re thinking, I was you 20 years ago. You’ve got plans, dreams, and ideas, that can only be lived out if you find and get that perfect ride right? You need to quit worrying about the dreams, quit thinking of some fancy truck or car.

You’re 16, get to school, get to work, save your money. That is what you should be thinking about. You know what is perfect for someone with little traffic skills, no money, and who only needs to get to school and work?

A Grom or maybe a Ruckus! I know you aren’t going to listen though, so let’s talk about these ideas you have…

    1. You’ll need a vehicle to haul stuff

      You don’t need that truck, you’re going to haul a mattress one time. You’ll never help anyone move in that truck because your 16. Nope. You’ll move one mattress for a friend and, because of your lack of experience with straps, it will blow off down the freeway. If you had a Grom or a scooter, no one would have asked you to move anything. Instead, that half of Saturday would have been spent swimming, or sleeping, or riding your scooter out to the lake to fish.

    2. Girls like cool trucks and cars

      This is just asinine. It may be sometimes true but it’s mostly not. Guys like cool trucks and cars, girls not usually as much. What a car or truck can do is give a guy confidence because they feel cool. And we all know that girls do like confidence. Doesn’t everyone? If you got a Grom, you’d still get around and you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning out your car when giving that cute girl a ride. You were a confident kid, a truck or car is not going to change that. It’s not going to find you a girlfriend either, so quit being a pawn of marketing bullshit.

    3. I need room for my friends!

      You’re not going to want to hear this. No you don’t! No new driver should be hauling down the freeway with another human’s life in their hands. Especially an immature 16 year old. Luckily, laws have changed here in Texas and a 16 year old can’t drive another 16 year old. With that said, you don’t need a passenger vehicle. What you could use is a vehicle to get you and your books to class, to a afternoon or weekend job, and that is it. While your doing all that, learn to save your money by using a more fuel efficient vehicle, with low insurance and low maintenance cost. With a Grom, or even a scooter, and their small engines, you have an excellent opportunity to learn to maintain and fix your ride, without the big risk of destroying a larger more expensive engine.

    4. Groms aren’t as cool as a fast car

      offroad scooter

This is hard to overcome for a 16 year old because generally a 16 year old is not rational. I definitely wasn’t a lot of the time. You’re driven by hormonal, irrational logic and that makes you a certifiable nut bag. Which goes back to the fact that a 16 year old should not be responsible for another human being i.e. their friends in the car. Anyway back to the coolness factor, you’ll learn to enjoy and love anything you’re given because you finally have your own ride. Quit thinking about those weird scooters and think more about modifying it into this off-road capable warrior machine.

Now for some bonus things you never thought about.

If you had a Honda Grom instead of a car…

  1. You would never have to park at the back of all those concert lots when you got there late. A Grom would fit on the sidewalk by the front entrance.
  2. You wouldn’t have  to waste your time and money giving pity rides to people who promised to “throw you a couple dollars for gas” but always seemed to conveniently forget their wallet.
  3. You would never have to spend hundreds on automatic window motors, door locks, water pumps, radiators, etc. if you had a Grom or a Ruckus.
  4. Gas prices are going to go up when you don’t expect it. With Groms, and even more so with scooters, gas is cheap, really cheap. Save your money now.

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