Equinox 10.4 SI kayak review, the warranty

Warranties are designed to suck

We purchased our two equinox kayaks about a month ago. A week later we unboxed the pair and loaded both carefully on top of our mini-van heading for the muddy waters of the Rio Grande.

In the Rio Grande Valley and throughout the Santa Elana Canyon we battle tested our kayaks against the elements. The Molded Polyethylene hulls never gave, rocks or sticks tried to break through and but we made it back to civilization.

The hull held up nicely, but we did witness a few casualties. Some of the minor plastics, pieces like the clips and handles broke. The pull handle snapped as we came from the river on the fourth day, and many seat clips became dislodged and lost along the trip.

Our test period was over 5 days, starting early as the sun came up until the sun was setting. I think our usage is probably in line with how much the average person would use them over the course of month or maybe a year even.

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Back at home with the warranty

Equinox’ site was easy to use, and at first everything that you could need for the craft is shown and priced to buy on their website. There on the site with a single click of the warranty button at the top removes the prices and $0.00 is shown next to every item instead.

Make sure you save an image of the serial number because those aren’t stamped on. It wouldn’t be hard for that tag to get ripped off and lost.  I am sure that is by design.

Add whatever you need to your cart, provide an image of your receipt and enter the serial number that is tagged on the kayak and your ready for checkout. It really is that simple.

The catch, always a catch

You didn’t think this warranty would come without one did you? The catch with equinox is in the shipping. It doesn’t matter if all you need is those $4 seat clips or a $20 part, you still have to cover shipping. There is no ship to store option and Costco doesn’t handle the warranty part. Shipping is $20 every time you complete a warranty order.

My suggestion to you in dealing with the warranty is to order an extra of everything your kayak uses the first time you make a warranty order. You’ll probably need extra parts in the first year anyway. If you break those warranty orders apart into smaller orders then you’ll pay for multiple rounds of shipping. Which is imagine could easily top over $100.

Should having to cover the warranty shipping deter you from purchasing an equinox kayak? No. I believe these kayaks are an amazing find, you won’t find another kayak with as many features at this price point, bottom line. Still, I wish I had known this going in the purchase instead of the surprise after losing some pieces, live and learn.




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