Dainese MIG C2 Glove review

Dainese gear for under $100, MIG C2 offers good protection for the urban rider

I upgraded my gloves to a pair of Dainese for under $100. I wore them inside, outside, cold, and warm, and here is what I think of them.

At first glance, they are stylish black gloves with just the right amount of color in the logo to catch your attention. They’re made of cowhide leather and reinforced synthetics offering level 1 protection. Level 1 protection means that at speeds under 30 mph the gloves should offer plenty of protection. However, that protection decreases at higher speeds. These are not GP gloves, they are street gloves suitable for your average urban commute or joyriding. Most street riding accidents are going to happen at low speeds just like with cars. For my purposes, the protection level offered with these gloves is perfectly suitable for my daily driving needs.

These gloves also have pre-curved fingers and I found that greatly reduced hand fatigue. For a daily rider like me, who uses the clutch frequently in heavy traffic, that is a very welcome feature. The gloves also have a snugger fit than my cheaper Bilt gloves. My Bilt gloves had been my primary summer gloves and I’ll probably still use them on 100+ days. Since they are virtually all mesh, with some reinforcements, I don’t think I could wear them when it’s 30’s outside. The MIG C2 honestly don’t fair much better though in really cold temperatures. I’d say for temperatures under 25 standing, your definitely going to need some liners if riding longer than 10 minutes. Today I tested them out at 30 degrees going 90 mph. My hands got a little stiff at the end of the 30 minute ride.

On the other end of the spectrum. For the warmer days, the MIG C2 gloves aren’t going to be as ventilated as straight up mesh gloves but they will offer better protection. These are going to be my fall, summer (under 100), and spring gloves. I’ll still need a pair of winter gloves. Every winter rider needs cold weather gloves in my opinion. I think in adding these gloves to my gear I have made a respectable step upgrading my gear.


They aren’t going to be year-round gloves and they aren’t going to offer the protection of GP gloves. They will offer top of the line industry recognition and good protection for typical urban commuting for under $100.

Update December 2, 2017, one year later.

I have had to sew the leather back together along my index finger and yesterday a hole appeared in two locations. I will not be able to sew the hole closed because the material wasn’t torn, it has just been worn through. I have put about 10’K miles on these gloves. I would have expected for the price, that these gloves would have lasted more than a year. I was wrong.