Coca-Cola and Fair Oaks Farms and Major Animal Abuses Uncovered.

When former veterinarian Mike McCloskey co-founded Fair Oaks Farms, I doubt his plan was to torture animals for profit, but that’s what he is accused of. At this moment, Mr. McCloskey may be on track to become one of the most hated men in America.

In a recently released, very disturbing video captured by undercover agents of the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM). Torture and animal cruelty is exactly what is seen on the farm. Packed into tiny cells, subjected to frequent abuse, neglect, heat, and starvation, these calves are repeatedly the target of horribly cruel treatment. According to the Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), all of this was under the direction and watch of Fair Oaks Farms and Coca-Cola, combined these two large organizations own the farm.

I encourage you to educate yourself and be aware of where your money is going. Please do not support corporations like this.

Here is the full video.

The Biggest Undercover Dairy Investigation in History – Fair Oaks Farms and Coca Cola from ARM Investigations on Vimeo.