Avon Trailrider Dual Sport Tire Review

I don’t care what any of the self-proclaimed “Experts” on Reddit proclaim, for daily commuting slicks and knob tires suck. Niche tires are really good at what they are designed for but nothing else. Then there are tires that are kind of good at a lot of things but not the best at anything. For me, this has become synonymous with the Avon Trail Rider tires.

Meet the Avon Trailrider Dual Sport Tire

These aren’t niche tires. These are dual sport tires designed to get you anywhere and help you let loose a little when you get there. I’ve been buying these for my bikes for going on two years now and couldn’t imagine switching to another model for commuting.

Where these tires shine is in facing the obstacles I see on regular commutes. Hazards like gravel and sand spills are handled easily by the more pronounced grooves.  The groove pattern is designed to move away stronger hazards that would cause other tires to slip dangerously. Heavy rains and mud are obstacles that used to make me tense until I started riding with these, thanks to the new Super Rich Silica Compound.

Now, I hardly see a change in handling even in heavy downpours. Not too many sport bikes riders can say that. According to Revzilla.com, these tires are intended for 90% on-road, 10% off-road. I would agree with that, and coincidentally that also fits many daily commuters experiences. For the times when I have to cross a grassy shoulder, navigate a stream of draining water on the road, or ride over a tree that the truck in front of me dropped (actually happened), these are very capable tires.

You can find these tires online at Jake Wilson or Amazon.

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